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How Light Impacts your Health

Sunlight has a biological impact on our bodies. It controls our circadian rhythm, and has a significant influence on our well-being, motivation and functional ability.

In earlier times our daily routines were controlled by the sun, but nowadays we spend nearly 90% of our time indoor, and because of the lack of natural sunlight we become more vulnerable to winter depression and stress.

Since the invention of electrical lighting 150 years ago artificial lighting has been essential in our daily life, and because 80% of our brain is affected by light and color the circadian rhythm is in constant overdrive.

LIK – For a Healthy Lifestyle

Lighting is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Daylight and artificial lighting must be adjusted in the right balance to ensure optimal illumination of the room or the building. The right lighting at the office, the cafe or our private home will not only promote our well-being, mood and productivity, but also reduces headache, irritated eyes and fatigue.

With more than 20 years of experience in lighting, our key ambition is to be your trusted partner to consult and design your optimal lighting solution with your healthy lifestyle and productivity in mind.

We Define the Light

We define the lighting concept and develop the design based on a minimum of 20 parameters. A LIK lighting design always recommends the optimal range of products, including light system and light sources. We prepare a complete solution including drawings and product list.

We design lighting concepts based on our observations and lighting measurements of the room or building.

The function of the room, the existing products, and the measurement of the room such as CRI, Kelvin, brightness and flicker are some of the important parameters in our observations and measurements.

We create lighting that adjust automatically to perfectly match the natural lighting conditions at any time of the day.

Lighting Concepts for Retail, Office, and Home

LIK operates in the field of Interior and Exterior Architectural lighting providing solutions for professional and private customers.

Since Lighting technology has become more complex and more intelligent, we offer our services to guide and consult on using the right light in the right context – for a healthy lifestyle.

LIK creates functional lighting for any environment, from stores and cafes to offices and private homes.

Health Products

Our wide product range is carefully selected among the leading lighting manufacturers to meet the demands of modern day lighting.

SORAA, one of our several innovative brands, is known worldwide for their daylight innovation. The SORAA founder Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize winner and the father of modern day LED lighting, has created light sources that match the characteristics of the most natural illumination – the sun.

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