Light pollution

We, as humans, have a responsibility for taking care of Mother Earth and its many marvellous children. Through artificial lighting, we create a significant amount of light pollution. The consequences are numerous. And while it might not kill people, light pollution kills animals, interferes with the order of nature, and drastically reduces our enjoyment of nature.

Especially in cities, light pollution occurs. Light smog is when night skies are drowned in lighting from cities. Blinding oc curs when bright and shining light hits the human eyes. Intruding light is when a lighting source is not controlled properly. Finally, there is light chaos when multiple sources of light create a mess of light.

To reduce light pollution, we, at LIK, always make sure our outdoors installations meet these requirements:

  • Only use lighting when necessary.
  • Only illuminate the specific area and nothing else
  • Avoid unnecessary brightness
  • Minimise blue light and aim for warm colours
  • Use fully shielded solutions that light down