Healthy lighting

Light plays a big part in our life. It influences our health, controls our circadian rhythm, and affects our motivation and functionality. Back in the day, the sun controlled our daily routines, but as we spend most of our days indoors, we need to install proper lighting to maintain good health. Because the optimal lighting, whether in the office, at a café or at home, can help reduce headaches, fatigue, and strained eyes Research shows that improving lighting immediately enhances cognitive capabilities, which are crucial for problem - solving, strategic thinking, and learning, among others.

To create the right lighting, you need to balance natural and artificial lighting. By evaluating and adjusting CRI, kelvin, flickering, brightness, and luminance throughout the day, we can design lighting that follows the natural lighting outside, supports your circadian rhythm, and fits your environment. Ultimately, it will help you live a better and richer life.