Lighting for Well-Being

Proper lighting is essential for well-being. This requires a balance between natural and artificial lighting. Achieving this improves well-being, mood, and productivity and reduces headache, eyestrain, and fatigue.

With DOT, we break with the traditional understanding of lighting. Rather than being evenly distributed, the lighting can be designed and directed to provide optimal lighting. DOT gives you the ability to control the lighting for better working environments, whether for individual working or meetings. The light’s colour and intensity can be adjusted to improve well-being, fit the room, and match outdoor sunlight.

Optimal Acoustics Through an Aesthetic Ceiling Solution
DOT is an evolution of the well-known 60x60 ceiling and light fixture and consists of three main elements which can all be combined in any desired design: A ceiling tile with a 25-hole grid, a lighting module with 7 illuminated holes and a perforated ceiling tile.

By combining the seven alternating illumin ated holes with the otherwise strict expression of DOT, an exciting ceiling design with interesting contrast is obtained and this with integrated well-being through lights and acoustics.

DOT dampens sound and creates an optimal acoustic environment thank s to the acoustic properties of the metal ceiling tiles. The acoustic properties are achieved through perforation patterns combined with an acoustic felt.

DOT in action at Autocentralen
LIK Lighting finished in 2021 a pilot project with DAMPA, Erik Padkjær and Lars Vejen. At Danish car deale Autocentralen’s showroom in Jutland, the DOT system proved its value as a vital element in an enhanced customer experience.

For more than 70 years, DAMPA has created “Quiet Danish Design” for the building and marine industry. Every DAMPA design is created in close collaboration with architects following the company’s design philosophy: “Form-Follows-Function”, creating synergy between function and design.

All DAMPA-solutions are produced in steel or aluminium, making every solution a durable, sustainable choice.

Erik Padkjær
From the beginning of the century, product designer and developer Erik Padkjær Larsen has been a plethora of inspiring ideas. Focused on lighting, Erik draws inspiration from nature in his quest to build beautiful, functional, and durable products for humans.

LIK Lighting
For two decades, LIK Lighting has enhanced spaces through lighting. From their headquarters in central Denmark, 20 dedicated experts design lighting solutions that improve rooms, surroundings and health, their line of innovative products.

Driven by a passion for design, LIK Lighting has helped create beautiful and functional lighting for Aarhus Municipality, Egmont, Magasin, and many others. With carefully chosen suppliers and collaborators, they deliver effective, high-quality, and purposeful solutions.

Lars Vejen
Architect and designer Lars Vejen is a renowned figure in Denmark and internationally. With a background in architecture, Lars has a unique instinct for designs that resonate with people emotionally and rationally.

Through the years, Lars Vejen has received accolades from the Red Dot Award, German Design Award, iF Design Award and many others. In 2018, Lars received the prestigious Danish design award, “Designer of the Year”, at the Design Awards.

Find out more about DOT here: https://dotdesign.solutions/