Lars Vejen

The collaboration between Lars Vejen and LIK Lighting began in 2019, when we invited Lars to design a new pendant series. As well as designing LIK Lighting lamps, Lars also assists with the technical development and design of existing LIK fixtures.

Ambitions for the collaboration are high with more new lamp designs on the way.

Lars Vejen is a renowned Danish architect and industrial designer, whose work includes large and small-scale projects. With his architectural background, Lars sees the potential in space and architecture and is inspired by how people, objects, shapes, nature, and structures interact with each other.

To illustrate this, Lars took inspiration from volcanic craters when designing the LIK CALDERA series. Since his internship as a young architecture student in Japan, Lars has been deeply inspired by Japanese design and craftsmanship and for many years has been running his own design studios in Aarhus, Denmark and Kyoto, Japan. Lars collaborates with a wide range of professional partners and is internationally acknowledged for his functional design of everything from lamps, furniture, and door handles to acoustic ceilings, doors, and home accessories.

In the fall of 2018, Lars received the prestigious ‘Designer of the Year’ award at the Design Awards.