We design complete interior and exterior architectural lighting for professional and private spaces.

We create functional and expressive light that strengthens identity, improves wellbeing and enhances atmosphere.

Lighting technology is constantly evolving and becoming more complex and more intelligent. At LIK we are up to date in light technology and we know all about designing and optimizing the light for the room and function.

Light is our passion and we are experts. We know how light influences the eye, the brain, and the soul, and we understand that the right lighting contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether in the office, store, clinic, private home, or any other room, quality lighting not only improves wellbeing, mood and productivity, it also helps to alleviate headaches, irritated eyes and fatigue.

LIK Lighting

How important light is

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LIK Health

– in harmony with the body’s natural rhythm

We spend nearly 90% of our time indoors, which means that for long periods we are exposed to artificial lighting that affects the body’s natural rhythm. To minimize these effects, it’s essential to create an environment that provides optimal illumination and the perfect balance of artificial and natural light.

Our LIK Health concept achieves this by analyzing over 20 parameters such as CRI, Kelvin, and brightness to deliver the health benefits that optimized lighting can bring.

Only the best is good enough

This is our mantra for everything we do, whether it’s designing the right lighting environments with our clients, collaborating with leading suppliers from around the world, or installing our solutions on time and within budget.

Through our own LIK brand, we deliver LIK Lamps and LIK Spots for special customized solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

We are very proud to have completed more than 10,000 projects for a broad range of international clients.

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